"The Pathogenesis of Fatal Cerebral Malaria: Updates from the Field"

The 2015 Gordon Research Conference on "Tropical Infectious Diseases: Challenges, Opportunities and Successes", will present cutting edge research on the most prevalent and medically important tropical infectious diseases (TIDs). Similar to earlier GRCs, the intent of this conference is to gather a multidisciplinary community of scientists for the purpose of discussing basic and field-based research with translational implications in TIDs. The conference will particularly emphasize participation by junior and senior scientists from disease endemic countries. (via Gordon Research Conferences) Visit the GRC website fro more details.

FROM TERRIE'S BLOG: Walira mvula, walira matope (“He who asked for rain also asked for mud”)

Too much of a good thing

The usual seasonal rains in Malawi have been amplified by tropical cyclones (Bansi and 93S) in the Indian Ocean – and they are, by the way, fantastic examples of the Coriolis Effect. Both are rotating in a clockwise direction – in contrast to cyclones in the northern hemisphere, which rotate in a counter- (or “anti-“, as the Brits here in Malawi say) clockwise direction.

In any case, the results have been catastrophic – add strong winds and more rain to an already rain-soaked country and houses in which the bricks are held together by mud (rather than cement) disintegrate. Read more >>

Malaria is an ancient disease, but it is still beating us and killing hundreds of thousands of people each year, mostly children in sub-Saharan Africa. It is very tricky — it is the ‘Voldemort’ of parasites.
— Terrie Taylor