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New York Academy of Sciences

Malaria 2014: Advances in Pathophysiology, Biology and Drug Development In Celebration of World Malaria Day, April 25, 2014

Terrie Taylor will be delivering a keynote speech: The Pathogenesis of Fatal Cerebral Malaria: A Few More Pieces of the Puzzle

With approximately 3.3 billion people (one half of the world’s population) still at risk of contracting malaria, and over 650,000 malaria deaths annually, there is still much work to be done before this disease can be controlled and possibly eradicated. Increased prevention and control measures have led to a 25% worldwide reduction in malaria mortality rates since 2000. However, those living in the poorest countries remain the most vulnerable to malaria, and nearly 90% of all malaria deaths worldwide occur in the sub-Saharan Africa, mostly among children under five years of age infected with the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum. This one-day symposium examines the latest developments in understanding disease processes and the biology of the parasite, and developing antimalarial drugs and candidate vaccines.

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Traverse City Alumni Annual Reception

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Thursday evening, October 27 beginning at 7:00 pm Our special guest and featured speaker will be Terri Taylor, internationally acclaimed MSU Distinguished Professor of Internal Medicine, osteopathic physician, and our very own Traverse City resident. Dr. Taylor works six-months each year leading a Michigan State University research team in a continuing effort to eliminate the scourge of malaria in the southern African nation of Malawi. She will debut an inspiring video showcasing the university’s outreach to this small, landlocked country. We’ll learn about the team’s uplifting anti-malaria care for patients, most of whom are children, and ongoing disease prevention strategies (the parasite kills as many at one million children in sub-Saharan Africa annually). MSU has been actively involved in malaria research in Malawi since 1985.

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